Lettings & Tenant Support:

Waste Service - 200 Kingston Rd

'Communal Bin store' to be used by apartments 200A, 200B, 200C & 200D [Refuse & Recycle] SHOP 200 [Refuse & Recycle ONLY; not commercial waste].

Tenants to only use the 'Communal Bin Store' for waste; accessed from alley for 200A, 200D and SHOP 200. Apartments 200B and 200C access the bin store through their back doors.

The 'Communal Bin Store' has two 360 litre BLACK wheelie bins [REFUSE] and one 360 litre GREEN wheelie bin [RECYCLE].

All refuse to be placed ONLY in sealed bin liners and placed INSIDE the correct bins provided in the 'Communal Bin Store'. Tenants are expected to act responsibly and with respect for other tenants at all times with regard to their waste. That means bagging waste correctly and placing refuse in the refuse bins [BLACK] and recycle in the recycle bins [GREEN] located in the 'Communal Bin Store'.

No waste is to be placed in Powerscourt Road, in the escape alley or in any other location other than the 'Communal Bin Store'.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tenants are requested to take care in the disposal of waste, particularly food waste, to avoid any infestation issues in their Apartments or in the 'Communal Bin Store' or  within the wheelie bins. Costs related to dealing with the removal and cleaning for flies, flees and other infestations will be charged by the property owner to the Landlord [Beals Gold Service Ltd] who in turn will charge the Tenants.

Please further note that the BIFFA collection team [contract by Portsmouth City Council] will not remove infested waste.

WASTE SERVICE - [Undertaken by maintenance company]

There is a 'Waste Service' for the Tenants.

This service requires that all waste is in the 'Communal Bin Store' by 4pm every Monday.

This allows for the maintenance company to take the wheelie bins through the alley to the collection point in front of 200 Kingston Rd. The maintenance company will return the bins to the 'Communal Bin Store' on Tuesday; after they have been emptied by the BIFFA collection team.

The maintenance company will also check that the 'Communal Bin Store' and the escape alley are kept clean and clear of waste.

Any missed collections by BIFFA will be notified to Portsmouth City Council by the maintenance company. The maintenance company will deal directly with any Tenants who create waste issue or problems. If waste issue and problems persist then the Landlord [Beals Gold Service Ltd] will be notified.

The maintenance company will monitor that all Tenants are removing all their waste from their apartments at least once per week. The Landlord will be informed if Tenants are not removing their waste from their apartments. The Landlord [Beals Gold Service Ltd] will monitor waste on all periodic inspections.


The 'Waste Service' is to be paid for by the Tenants.

The property owners will be charging the Landlord [Beals Gold Service Ltd] and the Landlord will charge and expect Tenants to pay £12.00 per month to cover the costs of the Waste Service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 'Waste Service' was required to be put in place by the owner of the building as a direct result of the deplorable behaviour of all the Tenants.

Tenants would not put out and collect the wheelie bins. Tenants repeatedly blocked the escape alley with the bins and general waste; much of it not bagged. This resulted in numerous costly clearances, dealing with infestations and repairs to drains. The Portsmouth City Council cancelled bin collections from the property after numerous complaints from neighbours. Furthermore the Portsmouth City Council were considering issuing £1,000 fines to each Tenancy. To prevent the fines, resolve the issues and to reinstate the bin collection the 'Waste Service' was implemented by the owner of the property on Monday 4th March 2019