Lettings & Tenant Support:

Waste Service - Forest Grove House

There is a 'Communal Bin Store' to be used by all ten apartments for refuse and recycle.

Tenants to only use the 'Communal Bin Store' for waste; it can be accessed via the walkway area.

The 'Communal Bin Store' has two 1,100 litre GREY wheeled bins [REFUSE] and two 1,280 litre DARK GREEN wheeled bin [RECYCLE].

There is also a 240 litre wheelie bin for GARDEN WASTE ONLY [used by maintenance company].

All REFUSE to be placed ONLY in sealed bin liners and placed INSIDE the correct bins provided in the 'Communal Bin Store'. Tenants are expected to act responsibly and with respect for other tenants at all times with regard to their waste. That means bagging waste correctly and placing refuse in the refuse bins [GREY] and recycle correctly in the recycle bins [DARK GREEN].

No waste is to be placed in London Road or Latchmore Forest Grove or side car-park or rear car-park.  No waste to be placed in any other communal area within or on around the property other than the 'Communal Bin Store'.

Waste unsuitable for the bins provided should NOT be left in the Communal Bin Store as there are strict measurement guideline for removing the bins and these will be compromised. Any items unsuitable for the bins should be taken away by the Tenant to the local dump.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tenants are requested to take care in the disposal of waste, particularly food waste, to avoid any infestation issues in their Apartments or in the 'Communal Bin Store' or  within the wheeled bins. Costs related to dealing with the removal and cleaning for flies, flees and other infestations will be charged by the property owner to the Landlord [Beals Gold Service Ltd] who in turn will charge the Tenants.

Please further note that the NORSE South East collection team [contract by Havant Borough Council] will not remove the bins if they are overflowing or if there is any infested waste.

WASTE SERVICE - [Undertaken by Norse South East]

There is a 'Waste Service' for the Tenants.

This service requires that all waste is in the 'Communal Bin Store' every week for collections of REFUSE every Monday with the RECYCLED collected on alternate Fridays.

Norse South East will remove the wheeled bins to the collection trucks and return the bins to the 'Communal Bin Store'.

Our maintenance company will check that the 'Communal Bin Store' is kept clean and clear of waste.

Any missed collections will be notified to Norse South East by the maintenance company. The maintenance company will deal directly with any Tenants who create waste issue or problems. If waste issue and problems persist then the Landlord [Beals Gold Service Ltd] will be notified.

The maintenance company will monitor that all Tenants are removing all their waste from their apartments at least once per week. The Landlord will be informed if Tenants are not removing their waste from their apartments. The Landlord [Beals Gold Service Ltd] will monitor waste on all periodic inspections.


The 'Waste Service' is a chargeable service from Norse South East.  That charge is included within the rental amounts paid by the Tenants at Forest Grove House.